Sustainable fuel processing

WBE takes forestry residues that cannot be used in mainstream industries like construction materials and animal bedding to create a sustainable fuel that powers our recently upgraded biomass plant in Margam, Wales.

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Sustainable harvesting

We sustainably harvest timber products which are universally accepted as unusable and excess to the natural recycling of wood in the forest ecosystem.

These products include stumps, the treetops, small branches and pieces either too short or irregular to be used for other commercial purposes.

Our processes allow for the viable utilisation of these products as renewable biomass fuel – materials that would otherwise go to waste and emit more potent greenhouse gases such as methane as they decompose.

Skilled teams

By employing our own forest management and harvesting teams, we can ensure that all harvesting is carried out in an efficient and ethical manner, whilst promoting the prolonged life cycle of sustainable forest ecosystems and therefore safeguarding these wonderful natural resources for future generations.