Carbon capture and management

The UK is a world leader in the fight against climate change. In 2019, the UK became the first major economy in the world to pass laws to end the country’s contribution to global warming by 2050.

WBE aims to help Wales lead the charge in ensuring the UK reaches these ambitious targets. We are investing in innovative solutions which include proposals such as setting up greenhouses to grow native, Welsh trees and shrubs, sustainable agriculture and other closed loop carbon and resource symbiotic enterprises that are run from the waste carbon dioxide, energy and heat produced by the plant.

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Zero waste targets - a truly circular system

Our cluster of bio enterprises – from our sustainable forestry management, the renewable biomass power plant and sustainable fuel processing facility, to the proposals for carbon dioxide capture and our new Welsh indigenous sapling production – will make WBE a leading example of a truly circular, zero waste system.


Carbon dioxide capture, sequestration and recycling

The aim of our carbon dioxide capture, sequestration and recycling is to show how the UK can have a thriving industrial sector aligned with the zero waste, circular 2050 target.

Our proposal to set up nearby greenhouses growing a broad range of species-diverse saplings indigenous to Wales (from broadleaved and coniferous trees to shrubs and wildflowers) to aid in the afforestation, habitat restoration and reforestation efforts is part of our aim to be strategic leaders in sustainable Welsh forestry management. Other innovations in the WBE cluster will include:

Other innovations in the WBE cluster will include:

  • using extracted carbon dioxide, cleaning and processing it to a high grade for use in the UK food, brewery, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
  • sustainable vertical farms that are run from the energy produced by the plant and that will utilise the electricity, CO2 and heat extracted from the emissions of the biomass power plant.

Net carbon negative

WBE intends to secure the future of indigenous Welsh tree, shrub and wildflower species for Welsh habitat restoration by growing and cultivating seeds and saplings in our greenhouses. This will complete the forestry/carbon-sequestration cycle.

By 2030, WBE aims to plant as many as three native trees for every one tree harvested through our sustainable forestry management operation – to further grow  diverse wild habitats rather than managing a static forest.