Turning forest residues from
our sustainable forestry
management into green energy

Sustainable forestry management has the power to transform landscapes, capture carbon, and underpin a sustainable circular economy.

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Who we are

Welsh Bio Enterprises is at the forefront of ensuring the UK’s energy security, creating sustainable nature-based enterprises that are resilient in the face of a changing climate.

We process forestry waste from sustainable sources to provide renewable energy to 40,000 homes in South Wales.

We aim to create a closed loop carbon and resource symbiotic system, combining our biomass plant’s electricity generating process with the creation of a sustainable farm pilot project.  We will erect greenhouses that will utilise local renewable energy, captured CO2 and heat to produce food, algae products and create a nursery to grow native Welsh plant and tree species that will go back into tree planting programmes.

As the UK continues to transition to energy self-sufficiency and climate resilience, WBE is part of a cluster of low carbon Welsh enterprises leading the way. We look forward to working with industry sectors, partners, and governments in Wales, the rest of the UK and across the world to continue to provide green energy solutions.

What we do