Sustainable forestry management

WBE carries out its own sustainable harvesting of Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC®) timber. Targeted tree harvesting operations are necessary to sustainably manage our forests.

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Managing Wales' natural assets for the next generation

The biomass that is taken to our plant for processing into fuel comes from the local area, minimising transportation and therefore fossil fuels into our supply chain. We don’t cut down forests for the sole purpose of turning the trees into fuel and we don’t import virgin wood pellets.

Our sustainable forestry practices certifies that the wood we harvest for our partners is managed in an environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable way.

The environmental scheme we are part of uses a chain of custody to protect and limit harvesting, restricting the use of pesticides, and protecting wildlife habitats. The scheme is controlled, scrutinised and independently verified by OFGEM to ensure compliance.

Taking care of forest ecosystems

The primary uses of WBE’s harvest are for permanent uses – from construction materials to animal bedding. As part of our forestry management, the work we do involves removing forest residues from both our own and other FSC logging operations. The thinning and removal of any dying or infected trees enables both new and re-growth of forest ecosystems, which in turn maximises the forest’s capacity for new carbon sequestration. Managing forests sustainably also creates safer green and wild places for people to visit and explore.

WBE is a member of the Confederation of Forestry Industries (Confor) and this helps us to stay up to date on the latest industry changes and legislative practices , therefore maintaining the integrity of all our operations.